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What is workforce scheduling

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What is workforce scheduling

Workforce scheduling, or manpower planning, is a combination of arts and science. At its core, its main objective is to have the correct number of staff coupled with their best and optimized skill sets. Marrying the two mentioned with the correct timing, its purpose is to meet predicted and forecasted work for all levels available. And by the word “Optimized”, all of these tasks should be completed with the minimal resources invested.

What is Workforce Scheduling

In the previous blog entry, we discussed about the importance of hiring the correct person for the correct job. Next to this is workforce scheduling. Workforce scheduling is an important equation to maximize resources and making sure your staff are deployed and tasked with projects that match their skill sets and time allocation. The benefits of employee scheduling include the systematic planning of resources and provide a centralised and transparency to the business.

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With manpower scheduling, the process can be made faster, easier, and more accurate.Managers also achieve more visibility into call center operations and schedule adherence throughout the day, and can react more quickly to fluctuations in call volumes.

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