Employee Scheduling App

Plug your team into the scheduling process. Staff can easily access WFO from the web employee scheduling app on any device (iOS and Android).

Mobile-first (native app) and responsive designs for access from any device (iOS and Android)

View schedules in advance to support planning for personal commitments and pursuits

Request time off or swap shifts when unexpected events interfere with planned work

Bid for leave and shift requests in advance using WFO’s unique and fair points bidding system

Real-time visibility into work hours and claims/allowance calculations

Receive push alerts, notifications and reminders for issues and changes in schedule

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3 Tips to Maximize Staff Utilization and Resources

Companies often strive to improve productivity without understanding the current state of play.  Here are 3 ways in which you can analyze the performance of your team to help drive productivity.


WorkforceOptimizer – What is maximizing staff utilization?

Being able to push your employees to the maximum potential will enhance your entire company’s productivity and efficiency. Here are some ideas to help your workers be the best that they can be.


Meeting the Demands with the Right Mix of Skills

Having a robust roster would ensure demands are met and patient care is not compromised. Empower your planner with the right tool for your rostering needs and labor demand forecasting.


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