Combating COVID-19 Using AI-Enabled Workforce Management

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The COVID-19 crisis has forced hospitals to considerably change the way they operate.

Operations and work policies across the affected business departments had to change to support Business Continuity Planning (BCP). New work policies with applicable pay codes had to be created and COVID-19 task forces had to be established.

Ensuring compliance during COVID-19 has become more complicated as attendance needed to be tracked based on the designated Team A/B, requirement to flag out those in violation of the Stay Home notice (2,3 or 5 days MC; 14 days) and Home Quarantine Order and LOA.

Join us and Florian Parzhuber, WFO Expert, for this webinar and learn how Ministry of Health in Singapore:

  • Utilized AI and mathematical optimization techniques to dynamically update work policies
  • Dynamically created new units based on the changing demand
  • Ensured 100% compliance in the most difficult times
  • Utilized workforce management solutions to effectively conduct contact tracing
  • Utilized analytics to uncover hidden opportunities in their labor data

Learn How Ministry of Health in Singapore is Utilising Workforce Optimizer to Combat COVID-19

Employee Scheduling App

Ministry of Health in Singapore relies on Workforce Optimizer for its day-to-day scheduling and communication for 35000+ healthcare professionals across 11 hospitals, 5 specialty centres and 4 community hospitals, and at the same time, ensuring that the organization is compliant to the regulatory constraint. Our solution addressing the challenge of complex scheduling rules like skill sets, thousands of shifts and work policies. It also enables them to reduce the time spent on generating schedules by 71%, improving their quality of service and ensuring better visibility for managers with our AI-enabled workforce management solution.

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