Time & Attendance Management

Workforce Optimizer increases your organizations’ payroll accuracy, ensuring full regulatory compliance with labor laws and regulations.

With our Time and Attendance Management, realize 2-4% cost savings by reducing payroll expenses through reduced overtime expenses, staffing overcapacity and payroll errors.

Workforce Optimizer helps you to save payroll processing time and significantly reduce the risk of costly payroll errors.

Integrate seamlessly with your time clock devices (RFID, biometric, barcode) and HR and payroll systems for a complete end-to-end process.

Attendance policies and pay rules are applied accurately as employee’s working hours are captured in real-time.

Turn any device (PC, tablet and mobile) into a secure, fully integrated employee time clock.

Support strategic decision-making by classifying your employees’ time against any cost center or activity for granular labor reporting.

Rules-based engine to automate your most unique & complex claims and allowance computations.

Get alerted about all time deficiencies (e.g. absenteeism, tardiness, etc.) and seamlessly resolve them.

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