Integration Adaptors

Integration Adaptors

WorkforceOptimizer integrates quickly with your other enterprise systems, using pre-built interfaces based on REST web services standards.

Seamless integration with HR, Payroll, POS, Leave management and Authentication systems ensure that you can take full advantage of WorkforceOptimizer’s optimization technology and maximize the value of your existing enterprise infrastructure.

Pre-Built Support

Our pre-built broker allows your organization to rapidly link your existing Payroll, Point-of-Sale, Leave and HR systems with WorkforceOptimizer and synchronise vital staff  information and claims.

REST API Support

WorkforceOptimizer can be integrated with your existing Service Oriented Architectures, through our fully compatible REST API support.

Manual Integration

You can easily perform manual imports and exports of data from your existing systems as well. WorkforceOptimizer supports the importing of staff information, rosters and claims, with support for CSV file exports.

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