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Predictive Workload

WorkforceOptimizer predicts future workload and staffing requirements by area, designation, skill and/or role.

Workforce Scheduling

WorkforceOptimizer auto generates demand-based schedules using advanced mathematical optimization.

Dynamic Rescheduling

WorkforceOptimizer dynamically redeploy workforce based on unplanned events (sick leave, workload fluctuations) in real-time.

Workforce Analytics

WorkforceOptimizer allows managers to explore, analyze and share real-time workforce analytics for informed decision-making.

All you need to Effectively Manage your Workforce

Time and Attendance Management

Realize 2-4% cost savings by reducing payroll expenses through reduced overtime expenses, staffing overcapacity, and payroll errors. Workforce Optimizer helps you to save payroll processing time and significantly reduce the risk of costly payroll errors.

AI-Powered Scheduling

Workforce Optimizer fully automates the scheduling process and provides managers with the tools to automatically find suitable replacements for ad-hoc changes, based on the staff’s skill level, availability, next scheduled shifts, and preferences.

Labor-Demand Forecasting

Workforce Optimizer’s AI engine will predict workload and labor demand based on your unique business drivers. Minimize your overtime costs and prevent costly overstaffing with a greater understanding of your staffing needs.

Workforce Analytics

WFO delivers timely, actionable information to your management, so you can make better decisions to improve labor productivity and efficiency within your organization. 

Employee Scheduling App

Plug your team into the scheduling process. Staff can easily access Workforce Optimizer from the web self-service app on any device (iOS and Android).

Team Messaging

Connect securely from web or mobile (iOS and Android) and share your documents and files to anyone across any shift, duty, or department within your organization.

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