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Managing Dynamic Changes

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“I am unwell and not coming in”, Supervisor Jane gets a text from her staff at 7 am.

She had to make breakfast, drop her children in two different schools, arrange for a replacement before the operation starts at 9 am. Rummaging through her work bag, she could not find her staff roster file, she had left it on her desk the night before after planning the new roster. Could the morning get more challenging than this?

With an automate and cloud-based system, Jane would be able to schedule a swap, notify the standby staff in less than 10 minutes. At the end of the month, she would spend considerably less time to check all the staff attendance, be it those who were in roster or on standby, that is, those who worked extras or over-time. With a few clicks, Jane would be able to view the overtime pay calculated by the system as well.

Seamless integration with HR, Payroll, POS, leave management and authentication systems would ensure that you can take full advantage of Workforce Optimizer’s technology and maximize the value of your existing enterprise infrastructure.

Daily manpower changes happen due to personal reasons of individual staff, or due to demand change in the business. Employees may be moved from one location to another due to increased workload in a certain location or insufficiently experienced employees in a specific location.

For certain industry, multiple requirements need to be fulfilled for an appropriate staff to be considered appropriate for replacement. A criterion such as able to operate POS system for retail, having cardiac training for healthcare or having valid driving licence to operate a bigger vehicle or a piece of certain machinery in the manufacturing or transportation sector could be making scheduling challenging.

It may be difficult to find a swap or replacement in short notice like the above situation. However, with a robust system and time and attendance tool like Workforce Optimizer, it would be just a click away to get to a replacement headcount and notify the appropriate staff for replacement or for additional shift work.

Workforce Optimizer can do more than finding a replacement and calculating overtime. To find out more, click here .

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