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Workforce Optimizer (WFO) helps DairyFarm in Singapore to predict future workload/labor demand, optimize the deployment of their workforce, dynamically redeploys the workforce based on unplanned events and provides greater visibility into workforce analytics.

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Less time spent on workforce scheduling


Retail staff rosters managed by WFO


Outlets in Singapore benefit from the optimization of staffs deployment across stores


Assignments to staffs’ “Most Preferred” shifts


Dairy Farm is a leading pan-Asian retailer with 6,500 outlets and revenue exceeding US$20 Billion.

Due to a large number of different brands with different work policies and pay rules – Giant, CS, Guardian, 7Eleven, etc, as well as constraints like different skill sets, part-timers and casuals, staff preferences, etc, managers had to consider a wide range of variables when planning staff deployment. Further, dynamic labor demand based on fluctuating sales across departments within stores forced managers to adjust the staffing supply on an on-going and short-notice basis. Finally, varying time capturing mode, and client devices (PCs – Windows or Linux, Tablets, etc) across different brands and stores contributed to the complex environment.


WFO implemented the solution for 900 stores and 9,000 staff helping them to track time and attendance, optimize the deployment of staff across stores, and dynamical redeployment based on unplanned events.

Within the first year of implementation, Dairy Farm saw a reduction in payroll error and inflation while ensuring 100% compliance to regulations. WFO provided insights into operations at the enterprise level for informed decision making. Allowing the staff to access their schedule well in advance via mobile app, participate in the shift-bidding process as well as granting them their preferred shifts ensured a balanced workload distribution, improved fairness, and staff satisfaction thus leading to more productive staff and a reduced staff turnaround.

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The Features Used:

Workforce optimizer (WFO):
  • Labor Demand Forecasting
  • Shift and Task Optimization
  • Policy and Compliance Tracking
  • Attendance and Claims
  • Integration Adaptors
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Team Messaging

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Central features of Workforce Optimizer that benefited MoH:

Business Rules

Large workforces are subject to complex rules that govern workforce schedules and the calculation of pay and benefits. Automation and configurability of these rules are beyond the technical capabilities of many workforce management solutions. WFO uses high-level abstraction to scale to effectively manage the complexity of employee scheduling.

Labor Demand Forecasting

This module leverages machine learning to determine the size and the composition of the staff required to meet the quality of service targets based on predicted staffing demand coupled with enterprise goals.

Policy and Compliance Tracking

The tracking module allows staff, managers, and management to track workforce-related information effectively such as absenteeism, leaves, schedules, claims, work hours, credentials, and statutory holidays.

Workforce Analytics

Align every labour decision with strategic goals. This module delivers timely, actionable information to managers and executives so they can make better workforce decisions to improve labour productivity and efficiency throughout the organization.

Shift and Task Optimization

Allow managers to automatically generate a shift roster and task deployment using breakthrough AI and mathematical optimization engine. The module provides consistency checks in real-time to any changes made to the schedule, pinpointing the effects of such changes, the resulting deficiencies, and facilitating what-if-analysis.

Employee Self-Service

WFO Self-service and Mobile App enable staff to track availability, requests, leaves, roster, claims, work hours and empowers staff to participate in the scheduling process through a unique bidding system. It also allows enterprises to adapt swiftly to unplanned demands on its workforce and changing employee schedules.

Attendance and Claims

Automate and streamline the management of employee hours. This saves payroll staff considerable time and significantly reduces the risk of costly payroll errors.

Integration Adaptors

Integrate quickly with enterprise systems using pre-built interfaces based on RESTful (JSON/SOAP) web services standards. Seamless integration with other IT systems such as HR, Payroll, etc ensures that you can maximize value out of your existing enterprise infrastructure

Team Messaging

Connect securely and share your documents and files to anyone across any shift, duty, or department within your organization.

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