Shift Swaps

shift swap

WorkforceOptimizer gives your staff the flexibility to swap shifts and duties with their colleagues, resulting in increased choices and higher job satisfaction.

They can request for shift trades from wherever they may be, using the mobile and web self-service apps.

Managers and supervisors can authorise and deny shift swapping requests through the mobile and web apps, to effectively and easily manage their staffs’ duty assignments.

Staff Schedule Flexibility

With our unique shift trading feature, your staff gets the flexibility to make changes to their schedules and shift timings, improving work satisfaction while ensuring correct staff allocation.

Instant Notifications

Staff can send and receive shift trades with the self-service mobile and web apps. A staff who receives a trade request can see a notification on their smart phone or web app as soon as they get it.

Supervisor Control

Shifts can be individually configured to require supervisor/manager approval for any shift trade being made between their staff members, to give additional control and oversight on staff duty allocations.

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