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Understand variability of patient volumes and let Optimizer solutions dynamically schedule your resources for maximized care


Maximize Workforce Productivity in Retail

Predict customer footfall accurately and maximize staff utilization across your stores


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Anticipate, plan and adapt your workforce deployment in real-time for efficient service delivery within the public sector

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Predict Workload

WorkforceOptimizer predicts future workload and staffing requirements by area, designation, skill and/or role.

Workforce Scheduling

WorkforceOptimizer auto generates demand-based schedules using advanced mathematical optimization.

Time & Attendance

WorkforceOptimizer capture detailed labour data and automate complex pay rules.

Dynamic Rescheduling

WorkforceOptimizer dynamically redeploy workforce based on unplanned events (sick leave, workload fluctuations) in real-time.


WorkforceOptimizer enables staff to indicate their shift requests, view rosters, swap shifts or respond to real-time redeployment.

Workforce Analytics

WorkforceOptimizer allows managers to explore, analyze and share real-time workforce analytics for informed decision-making.

Powered by Award Winning Optimizer Platform

Optimizer is our proprietary platform that leverages on Machine Learning for predictive analytics, Mathematical Optimization to solve complex resource scheduling problems and advanced Data Analytics for real-time business analytics

Results We Deliver

We help you optimize your resources

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Boost staff productivity by aligning staffing with customer demand and reduce time spent by managers by 70% on workforce management.

Cost Savings

Reduce staffing cost per unit of service by 5% to 15% by lowering overtime costs, payroll errors and avoiding over or understaffing.


Manage your workforce in a consistent manner, while ensuring compliance to regulations, company policies and safety procedures.

Quality of Service

Improve the quality of service and care to your customers with an engaged workforce through better skill and experience mix.

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