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Predictive Workload

WorkforceOptimizer predicts future workload and staffing requirements by area, designation, skill and/or role.

Workforce Scheduling

WorkforceOptimizer auto generates demand-based schedules using advanced mathematical optimization.

Dynamic Rescheduling

WorkforceOptimizer dynamically redeploy workforce based on unplanned events (sick leave, workload fluctuations) in real-time.

Workforce Analytics

WorkforceOptimizer allows managers to explore, analyze and share real-time workforce analytics for informed decision-making.

All you need to Effectively Manage your Workforce


Plug your team into the scheduling process. Staff can access WorkforceOptimizer from the easy-to-use web self-service app, which is easily accessible and tablet-friendly.

Requests and Availability

All your staff availability is accessible in one place. End the calls and invite your employees to manage their availability preferences, shift and time-off requests.

Shift Swaps

Staff can swap shifts and duties with their qualified colleagues, using the mobile app or browser. Spend less time on the phone trying to manage swaps every day.

Payroll & Budgeting

Plan your payroll expenses and manage overtime in real-time. Instantly see your labor cost forecast and adjust as needed. Integrates with your payroll system, freeing you from manually tracking & entering claims.

Supply Management

Find automatic replacements for ad-hoc changes to your employees’ schedules. Get immediately informed of any service shortages. Track your workforce availability and strength in real-time.

Reports and Analytics

Our rich reports deliver timely, actionable information to your management, so they can make better decisions to improve labour productivity & efficiency throughout your organization.organization.

Integration Adaptors

Integrates seamlessly with enterprise systems (HR, Payroll, Point of Sales, Biometric Devices, etc) using pre-built interfaces based on REST/XML web services standards.

Dashboard Management

A key focus area for WorkforceOptimizer is staff performance at enterprise level. Our interactive Dashboard enables executives to quickly assess Key Performance Indicators to make informed decisions.


Built with enterprise security in mind. Our system utilizes 256-bit AES SSL encryption for authentication and transactions. Your data is stored in full compliance to industry standards, with redundancy in multiple data centers.

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