Maximise Workforce Productivity in your Enterprise

We understand that the only industry that matters to you is your industry. Our solutions are based on an in-depth knowledge of the processes that drive your business, to empower you to:

  • Increase payroll accuracy and efficiency by automating employee time, attendance, and leave management
  • Access real-time labor data and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Provide managers with powerful tools designed to help them make better workforce-related decisions
  • Empower employees with self-service capabilities that reduce operational costs and the calls to HR while improving employee satisfaction

Explore our industry solutions:


The healthcare industry faces increasing demands from ageing populations, as well as a chronic shortage of skilled staff, especially nurses and doctors. In addition, there are the challenges of making daily redeployment decisions and sustaining an effective healthcare workforce while reducing staff turnover.

WorkforceOptimizer enables hospitals and medical departments to reduce planning times significantly. It makes redeployment decisions easier by identifying staff resources and tracking them, without affecting other staff deployments.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

The F&B industry has to deal with big uncertainties in customer demands and staffing, especially with regards to part-time staff.

WorkforceOptimizer allows you to effectively manage your full-time & part-time staff by capturing their timing and attendance, as well as allowing them to indicate their availability for specific shifts. It also enables forecasting of staffing demand into the future, by pulling sales data from your POS system and forecasting the customer trends to help you make better staff scheduling decisions.


Security firms have to manage multiple levels of employees, in multi-level deployments with often complex hierarchies.

WorkforceOptimizer gives managers a centralized deployment process, which allows them to manage large numbers of deployments with flexibility, and making it easier to keep track of all employees. It provides certification tracking for your staff, which will ensure that only employees with valid certifications are assigned to specific postings. Planners can also  control & monitor the issuing/returning of controlled items.



Retailers face uncertain customer footfall and demand, often facing short-staffing or overstaffing situations. WorkforceOptimizer empowers retailers to better meet these staffing challenges by integration with their Point-Of-Sale systems. The POS systems send their sales data to WorkforceOptimizer, which compares the actual sales to the deployed workforce in their stores, and triggers mobile alerts to managers when more customers’ transactions are recorded than expected for this staff allocation. WorkforceOptimizer also lets retailers forecast the size and composition of the staff needed to meet their Quality of Service targets, based on the historical sales data.

Transportation & Logistics

The Logistics and transportation industry faces high operational costs and have to deal with dynamic staff deployments that can change unpredictably.

WorkforceOptimizer enables the real-time planning of staff rosters, and updates group schedules automatically based on any changes that are made in individual schedules. As an integrated workforce management platform, it ensures the full compliance of work regulations across all departments and staff deployments.


The hospitality industry often has to deal with heavily unionized environments with complex work and pay rules, as well as relying heavily on part-time and contingent labor. Hence, effective workforce management becomes a necessity.

WorkforceOptimizer allows administrators to effectively manage cross-deployments of staff and track their skill sets, while ensuring the full compliance of work regulations. In addition, it eases the management of part-time staff by capturing their timing and attendance, as well as allowing them to indicate their availability for shifts.

Government Agencies

The public sector faces numerous challenges in managing their diverse and distributed workforces. They often lack centralized staffing standards and controls, while having to deal with complex work and pay rules, as well as strict regulations.

With WorkforceOptimizer, government agencies gain a comprehensive solution with which they can increase payroll accuracy & efficiency by automating employee time, attendance, and leave management, while ensuring regulatory compliance across all staff deployments. They can easily capture work policies and work patterns to generate accurate schedules that maintain Quality of-Service, while improving staff satisfaction.


Educational institutions face tough budget requirements, a diverse workforce and complex scheduling needs throughout the year. There is a crucial need for increasing efficiency within their workforce, but many institutions still rely on outdated systems for managing employees.

WorkforceOptimizer empowers the administrators of universities and schools with best-of-class rostering and schedule generation, which enables them to maximise the efficiency of their teaching and support staff.