Web Self-Service App

Staff & administrators can access WorkforceOptimizer from the easy-to-use web self-service app, which is easily accessible and tablet-friendly.

The app allows staff to view their rosters & shift schedules, swap shifts, make shift requests and view their time & attendance history. It also enables administrators to manage staff accounts. The web app is cross-browser compatible with all major browsers (IE8+, Safari, Chrome, Firefox).

View Rosters

The web app allows staff to view their entire department’s  up-to-date duty rosters on one screen. They can also filter down to view all staff  assigned to a particular duty.

Schedule & Shift Management

Staff can manage their shift schedules & availabilities, as well as make shift requests. Managers and administrators can manage staff accounts and shift trades.

View Time & Attendance

Staff can quickly view their attendance records, showing their clock in/clock out times, exceptions and manager’s comments. They can enter their own remarks for their exceptions as well.

Easy User Administration

Administrators can use the web app to easily manage staff accounts: creating, enabling and disabling accounts, changing passwords with just a click.

Team Shift Requests

With the web app, staff can view the shift requests that all their colleagues have made for the schedule period. This makes it easier for staff & managers to better plan their shift/leave requests.

iPad Ready

The Web Self-Service app is accessible from your tablets as well (browsers in iPads or Android tablets), making it easy for staff and managers to use it on the go.

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