Time and Attendance

WorkforceOptimizer Time and Attendance module simplifies and makes tracking time easy so you can quickly prepare timesheets for payroll processing. Use a tablet, mobile phone, or computer as a time clock and enforce the schedule with WorkforceOptimizer Scheduling. You can even use GPS tracking and camera to ensure right employees clock in from the right place.

Our simplified attendance tracking software — working in tandem with our data collection devices — helps you control labor costs, reduces payroll error and inflation, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

Mobile Time Clock w/ GPS

Setup a WorkforceOptimizer TimeClock terminal with a PC, laptop or tablet. You can even convert your employee’s smartphone into a time clock.

Interfaces with Time Clock Devices

Integrates with biometric, card reader or RFID devices to capture accurate clock-in and clock-out data for your employees.

Schedule Enforcement

Make sure employees clock in when they’re scheduled. Use schedule enforcement to ensure your labor costs stay on budget (when used in conjunction with WorkforceOptimizer Scheduling).

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts can be easily configured to remind you and your employees when they forget to clock in or out. Unplanned overtime alerts help manage labor costs. You also get alerted when your employees clock in at the wrong location.

Timesheet Management

Timesheets allow you and your employees to monitor their time cards during the pay period. Timesheets can be even edited and approved by managers on the go using WorkforceOptimizer Mobile App.

Real-time Monitoring

WorkforceOptimizer provides real-time visibility and actionable data to build a total picture of your workforce, giving you the information you need to staff smartly and optimize employee productivity.

Payroll Export or Interface

WorkforceOptimizer makes it easy to collect payroll hours (regular, overtime) and prepare them for processing. Export your payroll hours to Excel or interface with one of our payroll partners for effortless payroll processing.

Powerful Exception Rules

You can define powerful business rules to highlight exceptions based on clock-in & clock-out times and break duration, assisting you in controlling your labour costs and compliance to regulatory requirements.

Analytics and Reports

You can view detailed Time and Attendance statistics and analytics for your employees, along with reports mapping attendance trends/exceptions by location, staff or duty type.