Schedule Optimization

Our award-winning Optimization Engine enables interactive ‘what-if’ scenarios, simultaneously taking into account critical factors such as staff skill mix, shift bidding preferences, staff fatigue, staffing regulations, and process/staffing needs, to rapidly calculate optimal workforce schedule solutions at speeds up to 95% faster than the competition.

WorkforceOptimizer enables your organization to generate optimal rosters which ensure that all staffing requirements, government regulations and custom business rules are followed. Our optimization algorithms also ensure that good shift patterns are assigned for all staff, to make them more productive and reduce staff fatigue.

Schedule Optimization

Automated Rostering

Managers can generate rosters for their whole department or location with just a click of a button. They can then easily make any necessary changes to rosters and staff schedules as needed, which automatically updates the entire roster.

KPIs and Analysis

Our system enables management to keep track of key performance indicators in real-time, to help them respond rapidly to changing demand and staffing trends. They can perform detailed Roster Analysis to increase efficiency.

Reduced Planning Time

Our innovative Optimization Engine brings your roster planning time down from hours to minutes, all while increasing roster efficiency. It enables interactive ‘what-if’ scenarios for managers to test out new strategies and scenarios.