Requests and Availability

With WorkforceOptimizer, your staff can request for their preferred shifts in future scheduling periods using our unique bidding system, using the Mobile or Web apps.

Our system calculates the bids from all staff & assigns the shifts fairly to them. Managers can oversee their staffs’ requests & also accept or reject them.

Unique Bidding System

Your staff can make bids for their preferred shifts by allocating points to their requests to indicate their importance. Our system allocates the rosters fairly, promoting a happier workforce.

Integration with Leave Systems

WorkforceOptimizer integrates easily with HR and Leave systems to synchronise staff leaves automatically into its roster planning and schedule generation.

Recording Staff Availability

Staff can easily indicate their availability or unavailability for future dates through the self-service mobile and web apps. WorkforceOptimizer calculates updated rosters based on these constraints.

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