Mobile Self-Service App

WorkforceOptimizer empowers your staff by letting them view their rosters and shift schedules on an easy-to-use mobile app (available on both iOS & Android).

They can bid for their shift preferences in future scheduling periods using a unique bidding system, swap their shifts with their colleagues, send leave requests, as well as manage their profile information, all through the mobile app.

Managers can receive notifications of their team’s requests on their smart phones, and accept or reject them immediately on the go.

Viewing Schedules

Employees can easily view their schedules with the duties and shifts that they have been assigned, straight from the mobile app. They can see their up-to-date schedules and timings for the day, week & month.

Shift Swaps

Staff can easily make swap their shifts with colleagues, by sending swap requests. The recipient of the request is notified through the app & can immediately accept to swap their shifts – which automatically updates both their schedules.

Shift & Leave Requests

Staff can make requests for shifts that they want to be allocated to in upcoming periods, by bidding for them (see Shift Requests).  They can also send leave requests to their managers to request for sick leaves and urgent leaves. Managers can view their staffs’ requests & accept or reject them.


Our mobile app can send notifications to the user’s smart phone, even when they are not using the app. Staff and managers can be immediately notified of requests that they have received, so that they can respond and make decisions on the go.

Staff Availability

Staff can easily indicate their availabilities for future time periods.

They can enter in the time ranges during with they will be available or unavailable, to improve the planning process for their managers.

View Attendance

Staff can view their time & attendance exceptions history straight from the mobile app. Managers can also view the time and attendance records for their staff members.

Available on the App Store and Google Play

Apple Store