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There are thousands of people around the world that rely on WorkforceOptimizer everyday for scheduling and communication.

WorkforceOptimizer reduced the time spent by Singapore General Hospital’s doctors in preparing their department rosters, enabling them to focus on their primary clinical duties. Our solution is deployed in close to 20 clinical departments, with >500 doctors being rostered. It balances doctors’ work patterns & skill sets to formulate optimal rosters. WorkforceOptimizer also manages and tracks the attendance of the hospital’s 5000 inpatient and outpatient nurses in real time.

Singapore General Hospital

Tracks 5000 nurses in real time

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) is a 590-bed general and acute care hospital.

WorkforceOptimizer empowers KTPH’s emergency department and lab managers to automate and optimize their workforce scheduling, for over 400 staff. The managers generate their schedules and track the attendance of their staff by linking our solution with biometric devices –  eliminating the need for manual clock in/out and improving overall scheduling efficiency.

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

Eliminating need for manual clock in/out and imporve overall schedule efficiency
NUHS Friar Tuck

National University Hospital deployed WorkforceOptimizer to manage over 3,000 staff, addressing the challenges of numerous work policies and competing scheduling objectives. Our solution enabled them to reduce the time spent on generating schedules by 71%, improved their quality of service and ensured better visibility for managers, resulting in savings of 3,000 man days per year. This solution won an Asian Hospital Management Award.

National University Hospital

Reduced planning time by 71%

Zingrill owns & manages various renowned restaurant brands. WorkforceOptimizer has been rolled out to its Seoul Garden, Seoul Garden Hot Pot and Breeks restaurants, increasing their efficiency & enabling them to better manage labour costs. Their employees can see the positive changes as well, with our integration to biometric systems that identify them when they report for work – eliminating the need for manual clock in/out. Zingrill’s processes are simplified & errors minimised, as the calculation of employee working hours is now automated.

Zingrill Holdings

Better manage labour costs
MPA Friar Tuck

Maritime Port of Authority (MPA) has a large and distributed workforce, needing a solution that standardizes workflows and enables flexible scheduling.

 WorkforceOptimizer has significantly reduced the MPA’s schedule planning times. Our automated allowance & claims processing increased their managers’ efficiency and reduced payment delays. MPA managers are able to harness the benefits of an integrated scheduling workflow and have gained better visibility & control over staff deployments.

Maritime Port Authority

Increased managers' efficiency and reduced payment delays
NASA Friar Tuck

NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover mission needed a solution to optimally schedule their teams of scientists & engineers at their Ames Research Center. There were over 500 scientists and engineers working on the mission in their Science team alone, filling 38 different operational roles. Our solution enabled NASA duty planners to optimally staff teams, to fulfill all roles for both rovers while adhering to rules about rest time & work weeks to minimize personnel fatigue.

NASA: Mars Exploration Rover Mission

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