The Breakthrough Workforce Solution You’re Looking For

See the Benefits of using WorkforceOptimizer for your Organisation

FriarTuck WorkforceOptimizer provides increased adaptability, flexibility, openness, and cost-efficiency by optimizing your critical resources, giving you the edge over others in providing reliable and prompt service to your customers.


  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Reduce payroll processing time
  • Reduce tracking time for leaves, claims, skills
  • Timely labor reporting & analytics
  • Better visibility & control across enterprise
Employee Retention

Employee Retention

  • Ensures fairness of shift allocation process
  • Maximising Fulfillment of Staff Requests
  • Balancing Desired/ Undesired Shift Patterns
  • Catering for Staff-specific Requirements

Cost Savings

  • Reduce overtime, agency and staffing expenses
  • Reduce payroll error rate and abuse
  • Reduce unauthorized leaves
  • Reduce paper and printing costs

Regulatory Compliance

  • Ensures compliance with defined labor rules
  • Every produced schedule automatically complies with all rules & regulations
  • Non-compliance is highlighted to users

Quality of Service

  • Ensures adequate staffing
  • Provides optimal staffing with right mix of skill sets
  • Effective management of fatigue across workforce