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FriarTuck is the leading provider of Workforce Optimization solutions. Unlike existing approaches, FriarTuck employs breakthrough mathematical techniques that process millions of complex workforce factors and assess millions of potential solutions in minutes to automatically generate optimized schedules based on forecasted workload demand. 

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WorkforceOptimizer makes scheduling, communicating and coordinating with employees easy. Our solution allows enterprises to adapt swiftly to unplanned demands on its workforce and changing employee schedules. The application manages employee responses, updates employee schedules and informs employees about the status of their shift. The ability to reach the right people at the right time anywhere and from anywhere reduces the high costs of poor scheduling resulting from unnecessary overtime, under-staffing, hefty agency or temporary staffing fees, potential compliance and customer service issues due to gaps in coverage. Change the way you feel about scheduling. 

Our Technology

WorkforceOptimizer is based on a breakthrough mathematical model, combining the salient features of integer programming, constraint based and heuristic search techniques. The solution is capable of handling very large optimization problems involving hundreds of thousands of variables and constraints while optimizing a similar magnitude of components to the objective function. 

We have also integrated the benefits of many recent innovations in the web technology (multi-tenanted and single-instance, mobility, in-memory data grid, rich user experience and social integration) improving the usability, accessibility and application speed significantly.

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