Optimize Your Workforce Management


WorkforceOptimizer: Workforce Scheduling Made Simple

WorkforceOptimizer helps analyse employee availability and use historical sales data to automatically allocate staff.                           

Jerry LimCOO, JP Pepperdine

WorkforceOptimizer has enabled us to check existing schedules for violations and ensure that no staff member is double-booked or overworked.

Joan D. WaltonNASA Ames Research Center

WorkforceOptimizer helped to increase efficiency and better manage labour costs. We wish someone had told us about WorkforceOptimizer earlier.

Andrew LeeCEO, Zingrill

The planning time has reduced from 4 days to few hours with the use of WorkforceOptimizer solution.

Jackie ChanNurse Manager

Mobile App

WorkforceOptimizer empowers your workforce with the knowledge and tools they need to be more efficient and productive at their jobs and communicate in real time from the sales floor, or a remote location.  Managers and staff can use smart phones and tablets to communicate information, execute tasks, deal with exceptions in real time and improve process workflows.

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Labor Forecasting

WorkforceOptimizer can forecast the size and composition of the staff needed to meet your quality of service targets. It evaluates the skill-mix requirements to ensure an equitable allocation of staffing resources, and provides an accurate forecast to use as a basis for your staffing assignments.

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Schedule Optimization

Our award-winning Optimization Engine enables interactive ‘what-if’ scenarios, simultaneously taking into account critical factors such as staff skill mix, shift bidding preferences, staff fatigue, staffing regulations, and process/staffing needs, to rapidly calculate optimal workforce schedule solutions at speeds up to 95% faster than doing it manually.

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Schedule Optimization

Time & Attendance

WorkforceOptimizer simplifies time and attendance by using biometric or mobile devices, work schedule enforcement and mobile alerts. WorkforceOptimizer makes tracking time easy so you can quickly prepare time logs for payroll processing.

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Payroll & Budgeting

WorkforceOptimizer saves payroll processing time and significantly reduces the risk of costly payroll errors. Realise cost savings by reducing payroll expenses through reduced overtime hours, staffing overcapacity and payroll errors. 

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Payroll and Budgeting